Friday, July 3, 2009

Crystal Series Bracelet / Earring & Necklace

Available in any size just measure it and let us know, we will custom made for you!
Totally perfect for professionals, executive and for dinner purposes. Glamorous with glitters which making them a great piece to fit in any crowd.


Dingling Black and Silver Ball EARRING.
Nice and Cute!
Code Item: E0009
PROMOTION ONLY-RM 15.00 per pair
* The picture above shown is the half of the pair*

Updated & New Design!
Hexagon Green Blue
Code Item: F0001
ONLY - RM 50.00


New Arrival

White Pinky

Code Item: B0008

ONLY -RM 35.00

Pinky Pink
Code Item: D009
ONLY RM 40.00

Black, grey dazzling crystal and little diamond. Make it look totally fab and glamorous!
Code item: D0010
ONLY RM 45.00

Set- Black Crystal -RM 30.00 (Bracelete) & Earring - RM 15.00

Promotion Price (Set) - RM 40.00

Blue White - RM 35.00

Triplets : RM 35.00

Brownish : RM 35.00

Pinky Plain : RM 30.00

Pinky Steel : RM 30.00

Pinky White : RM35.00

Blue Lagoon : RM35.00

Crystal Gold : RM 30.00


GoD's~sLaVe said...

wow..nice work..i like the pinky white

Bonda said...

God's slave ---> Thank you very much..!

yuna said...

nice ur artwork....

Shaharuddin said...
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